Metal Shaping Mallet Set with Delrin Heads (Metal Handle)


The ultimate metal shaping mallet set

Metal Shaping Mallet Set $249.00 * plus shipping

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My friend Al calls this mallet the “cordless Yoder”

Move sheet metal fast! Get a panel to 80 or 90% quickily, everyone of my coachbuilding class students see how fast this mallet can make shapes happen.

Brand new item!
USA, CNC precision made, aluminum head, hickory handle, quick and easy change head design with solid locking including directional locking of the working head.Steel stems on all of the mallet heads which insures secure head locking. Stretching, shrinking, linear stretching, and reverse curves are all easy with this mallet because it moves metal fast. Plenty of clearance for the handle as the panel shape develops. Precision balanced head and handle ratio for maximum metal movement.

Four heads included:   Low crown, medium crown, high crown, chisel end.

I have used this design in my shop for the last three years it is fully tested.  Hundreds of students at my metal shaping classes have used these hammers with nothing but positive comments. They are always amazed at how fast the sheet metal moves compared to their lightweight plastic head hammers.


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